Bros4America Partners with OutFest Film Festival

July 8, 2017 Alex Mohajer

Advocacy group Bros4America is partnering with the OutFest Film Festival as an official collaborator, working together to advance LGBTQ issues and causes. The group will be screening The Untold Tales of Armistead Maupin on Friday July 14, 2017 at 8:00pm at the Ace Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles. … [Read More]


She Tried To Tell Us: ‘I Stand with Planned Parenthood’

June 25, 2017 Alex Mohajer

Welcome back to another installment of “She Tried To Tell Us,” the Bros4America Original Digital Shorts that highlight the numerous moments along the campaign trail during the 2016 presidential election when Hillary Clinton spoke with eerie prescience about life in Trump’s America. This week, she tried to warn us about Donald Trump and Planned Parenthood. … [Read More]

Karen Handel is a Bigot. Karen Handel

Congresswoman-elect Karen Handel is a Bigot

June 17, 2017 Alex Mohajer

Congresswoman-elect Karen Handel barely defeated Democratic opponent Jon Ossoff in the special election out of Georgia’s 6th congressional district. Her narrow victory came despite reports that she outspent him 2 to 1 and recent video footage suggests she has a history of bigoted statements towards the LGBTQIA community. … [Read More]