Bros4America? WTF?

Bros4America is a non-profit organization. We blend social media, political advocacy, news, and digital content to advocate for progressive causes and candidates. Founded in 2016 as a cheeky Facebook group, Bros4Hillary started as a response to the Bernie Bro phenomenon. Accordingly, our goal was to elect Hillary Clinton. On a deeper level, we aimed to reject intolerant campaign narratives seeking to divide us.

Obviously, that didn’t pan out the way we hoped, even though we won.

So we decided to carry on with our common goal of an inclusive, fairer America. Indeed, our “Bros” are all of us: male, female, gay straight, transgender. Our members are all races, shapes, sizes, creeds, religions and walks of life. Now, we carry on that fight against this harmful administration. Furthermore, we reject and resist policies that threaten to take us backwards.

Why do we resist? Justice. Progress. Hillary.

The 2017 Trump T.A.P.E.

Our strategy is to fight for the 2017 Trump T.A.P.E., which stands for:

  1. Take Action;
  2. Demand Accountability;
  3. Protect Democracy; and
  4. Ensure Elections Integrity